Why do I have to kill?

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waitpid() in parent for child to exit

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Subject: Why do I have to kill?

I have a perl program running on Unix that does a fork, runs a process
in the child, and exits. If I just let it exit(0) - then the Unix
process doesn't die. If I do a kill 15, the child process does go away.
I've tried running the Perl debugger on it, but it stops when the parent
stops. This thing has a zillion libraries so it's hard to know what else
might be effecting it. If I run truss on the process it tells me:
lwp_sema_wait(0x000F5630)       (sleeping...)signotifywait()
(sleeping...)lwp_cond_wait(0xFF0DCD30, 0xFF0DCD18, 0x00000000)
Some relevant lines from the program are:
$pid = fork();if (not defined $pid) { print "resources not
available.\n";} elsif ($pid == 0) { print "IM THE CHILD: $$ " .
getppid() . "\n"; sleep(1); system('bcp - rest of cmd omitted, but it
works.'); print "CHILD finished\n"; # kill 15, $$; exit(0);}else {print
"child  pid is $pid\n";print "parent pid is $$\n";print "IM THE
I get the "CHILD finished" message, but if I need to uncomment the kill
to get the child process to die.
Any ideas anyone?
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