Perl 6?

chromatic chromatic at
Tue Oct 16 01:26:25 BST 2007

On Monday 15 October 2007 16:44:18 Lyle - wrote:

>   To settle my curiosity (if you would) who on this list is working on
> Perl 6?

I am, for one.

> As much as I want to ask when it'll be ready I wont. Looking at the
> perl6 mailing list I see a lot of TODO's and Bug/Patches so I'm guess
> not any time soon.
> A bit concerning that is over
> a year without an update.

Those are just the weekly list summaries.  There's plenty of traffic on the 
lists, but there's no summarizer.  Anyone who wanted to write summaries would 
be very welcome.

> Though checking the Archive 
> shows that a lot is
> going on.

> Also from this page:-
> It seems like half the team has left?

Any long-lived project has people coming and going.  No one voted in anyone on 
that list; what's they all have in common is that they're all volunteers.  No 
one's doing this as full-time work, and plenty of people on that list have 
never received a dime for their work.

> Should I be worried? 

I don't see particularly why you should.  If you're concerned, flip TPF a 
fiver, report a bug, send a doc patch, run smoke tests, fix a TODO, write a 
tutorial, summarize a week in the mailing lists, or otherwise contribute 
somehow.  There's plenty of work for people who don't know Perl 6, or C, or 
Haskell, or much beyond Perl 5.

-- c

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