Perl 6?

Lyle - perl at
Tue Oct 16 02:16:12 BST 2007

chromatic wrote:
> On Monday 15 October 2007 16:44:18 Lyle - wrote:
> I don't see particularly why you should.  If you're concerned, flip TPF a 
> fiver, report a bug, send a doc patch, run smoke tests, fix a TODO, write a 
> tutorial, summarize a week in the mailing lists, or otherwise contribute 
> somehow.  There's plenty of work for people who don't know Perl 6, or C, or 
> Haskell, or much beyond Perl 5.
> -- c
At the moment my beyond work Perl time is being spent setting up a local 
Perl M[ou]ngers group, some stuff with FastCGI and putting together a 
Perl course. Once I've got through that I'll certainly have a look to 
see if there is anything I think I can help with Perl 6.

I can't help myself... do you have any idea, roughly when it'll be 
ready. All posts I found about it on Perlmonks were 2 or 3 years old, 
and have no time estimates other than "when it's ready" or "when it's 


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