Does Microsoft like Perl and PHP?

Tim Sweetman ti at
Tue Oct 16 21:44:28 BST 2007

Nigel Rantor wrote:

> Lyle - wrote:
>> Dave Cross wrote:
>>> <pedant>
>>> Do you mean "hear, hear"? :-)
>>> </pedant>
>>> Dave...
>> I debated about which he[ar][re] to use.. Got that sneaky feeling I 
>> was going to look like a prat. English certainly isn't my strong 
>> point, not good at any languages that aren't logical, so great at 
>> computer languages, but rubbish at spoken ones.
> Or indeed written ones.
>   n

Long ago, Mark Jason Dominus wrote 
Here's the real reason why Lisp won't win. The Lisp programmers don't 
want it to win. They're always complaining that not enough people are 
using Lisp, and that Lisp isn't popular. But they humiliate and insult 
newcomers whenever they appear in the group. (The group regulars would 
no doubt respond to this that the newcomers deserve this, because 
they're so stupid and argumentative.)

Now, why does that sound familiar?


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