Bristol/ (was Re: Perl 6?)

Lyle - perl at
Wed Oct 17 13:01:15 BST 2007

Peter Haworth wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Oct 2007 18:29:12 +0100, Lyle - wrote:
> Doesn't already exist? OK, it looks a bit moribund, judging by
> and its mailing list.
> Still, it's doing better than, which did manage to hold a
> single meeting several years ago, but has long been defunct. I'd be
> interested in seeing it revived. A combined Bristol/Bath group would
> be OK, but I'm only likely to turn up to meetings held in Bristol.
> has been handed over to me. I was surprised there were over 60 
members, when I posted on their last month I only had a handful or 

There will be more once it's up.


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