Bristol/ (was Re: Perl 6?)

Lyle - perl at
Wed Oct 17 13:19:09 BST 2007

Dave Cross wrote:
> Not sure why you think that is what has happened. Oh, actually perhaps 
> I can. Lyle says above "Got mailman setup today". What he means is 
> that he's been given the admin password to both of the existing 
> mailman mailing lists (and the web sites).
> This is all happening within the existing infrastructure. This 
> kind of stuff goes on all of the time. Nothing at all to worry about.
Unfortunately the mailing list was running on a Majordomo on 
Sift's server so it appears all those people have been lost :( Unless 
there is someone from sift here who has the list?

Please don't anyone think I'm being impolite, just want things setup 
before I get the lists going again properly.


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