Does Microsoft like Perl and PHP?

Mark Fowler mark at
Thu Oct 18 08:23:43 BST 2007

On 17 Oct 2007, at 22:05, Paul LeoNerd Evans wrote:

> Then might I suggest:
>   "Reply to this message" vs
>   "Send a new mail to the sender of this message"
> might in some way be encoded in the menu structure?

No, because you'd still have to know about it. Hitting reply is an  
affordance.  People will still use it because if they don't know  
better, they *don't* *know* *better*.

How about if you change the subject line, delete all the quoted text,  
then when you hit send the mail client says:

"It looks like you're starting a new conversation.  Do you still want  
mail clients to group this message as a reply to "Old message subject  

  [Send as reply] [Send as new conversation]   (with the latter being  

This is similar to the way my mail client asks for confirmation  
before sending a mail with the word "attachement" or "attached" in it  
if I haven't actually attached a file.


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