FastCGi on IIS... The tale of Microsoft and my new Perl Module...

Andy Armstrong n at
Fri Oct 19 09:25:34 BST 2007

On 19 Oct 2007, at 02:39, Lyle - wrote:
> I'm interested in any feedback...

It looks as if you're loading and compiling the script every time.  
Which seems to negate some of the advantages of FastCGI. You don't  
get a clean execution environment anyway because you're just running  
code in the same scope over and over again.

Also I can't see what's IIS specific. Isn't your loop that polls  
Accept just the normal pattern for FCGI? (I haven't used FCGI - this  
based on a quick scan of its docs)

And no tests! :)

Sorry to be negative. I know premature optimisation was discouraged  
but throwing away part of FCGI's advantage before you start seems  
like an architectural mistake.

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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