FastCGi on IIS... The tale of Microsoft and my new Perl Module...

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On Fri, Oct 19, 2007 at 01:55:34PM +0100, Lyle - wrote:

> My bad, but with such as small script, what would you test for?

You test for everything that's in the documentation.

If the docs say it does something, then test that the code does that
thing.  If the docs say that it *doesn't* do something, then test to
make sure that it really doesn't do it.

You also know, seeing that you wrote it, what all the edge cases are,
where a small change in the input will cause a large change in the
output.  Test around those.

Figuring out *how* to test it is something that I'm sure we can help
with.  I've got far more experience than I ever really wanted of helping
people with tests.  Get as far as you can on your own, of course, but if
you get into difficulties, just ask.

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