Need to learn C, best books?

Andy Armstrong n at
Wed Oct 24 18:09:57 BST 2007

On 24 Oct 2007, at 18:01, Lyle - wrote:
>  I've been talking with the FCGI developers about helping them with  
> guides, etc. Funnily enough, the need right now for knowing C and  
> XS is to be able to read the FastCGI C libraries. My plan is to  
> work my way through commenting each line and heavily commenting  
> each routine. I think it'll be useful for other people as well as  
> getting my C up to speed.

Good work - but *please* don't fall into the trap of comments that  
just describe what the code does. You need to assume that most people  
who look at the code can read it pretty well. Concentrate on  
commenting that which is non-obvious.

Yes, 'non-obvious' is subjective. But

  size_t sl = strlen(somestring); /* get length of string */

would be bad :)

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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