Need to learn C, best books?

Marvin Humphrey marvin at
Thu Oct 25 02:06:20 BST 2007

On Oct 24, 2007, at 2:07 PM, Dirk Koopman wrote:

>> Valgrind :)
> Seconded and thirded. Wonderful tool.

Fourthed.  It's like having C with 'use warnings'.

Valgrind, in conjunction with a robust test suite, helps to detect  
problems that can be all but impossible to isolate and solve  
otherwise -- e.g. delayed Heisenbug segfaults due to invalid memory  
writes.  Those bugs are often also potential security holes, which  
makes developing with Valgrind, IMO, mandatory.

I'm going to add another book to the list.  It isn't a beginner book,  
but IMO, if you are writing public C code for as hostile an  
environment as the web, you need to understand the material it covers.

   Secure Coding in C and C++
   Robert C. Secord

Marvin Humphrey
Rectangular Research

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