Need to learn C, best books?

Jacqui caren jacqui.caren at
Fri Oct 26 11:04:25 BST 2007

Andy Armstrong wrote:
> On 25 Oct 2007, at 21:41, asmith9983 at wrote:
>> I consider the Deitel & Deitel C++ and Java How to Program books  
>> quite good with useful examples, so if the style follows through  the 
>> C one is probably a good one to check out.
> I assume you replied to the wrong mail. Anything I don't know about C  
> is unlikely to get fixed now :)

On big old Cray's (char*) were word pointers with the "byte bits" (octal 
digit) rotated to the head of the pointer value. Dont ask why I asked
someone once and my head hurt afterwards. :-)

This made casting critical. The number of applications I have had to
port to a Cray that required lots of such simple changes is just plain

Also when working with 64/128bit hardware it was quite fun when an
app was coded assuming either 8bit or 16bit "words" :-(

 From my last look as production code such as the MySQL source, things
have not changed a great deal.

Regarding C++ the firebird database project had quite a nice
coding style document - worth reading.

To the OP: Quite a few of my local lugs run - "Intro to " stuff.
Going to your local lug may be a good way to pick up C basics
- and pick up tricks of the trade :-)

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