Install::NewFangled-- (was: FastCGi on IIS)

Andy Wardley abw at
Fri Oct 26 14:09:35 BST 2007

Matt S Trout wrote:
> FUD? This is my experience of users trying to deal with M::B dists
> in the wild. 


My 20p: I needed to install Path::Class on my Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon) box
last night.  Should have been a 20 second job but ended up taking nearly
20 minutes because barfed on me because of something to do with
Module::Build.  I don't know what.  I don't care.  I just wanted to write
a script to jiggle some files and Path::Class was what I reached for.

True, an 'install Bundle::CPAN' eventually fixed the problem, but that was
where the 20 minutes got lost while it installed umpty modules. By the
time it had finished, I didn't need Path::Class any more because I had done
it in Python.

I don't want to knock the many fine people who expend their efforts on CPAN,
Module::Build, Module::Install, and so on for our benefit.  But I've been
noticing more and more problems with modules not installing because they
rely on some new fangled installation module that I don't have installed.

The end-user perspective is unfortunately that Perl[*] is getting less


[*] Perl + CPAN: the collective experience, not just Perl the language.

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