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Kind of further off topic, and likely to have me classified as a

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My other half and I have been engaged for about five years and intend to
finally tie the not.
We're going to be parents and have decided to change our surname to one
which is representative of the modern world, is ethnicity neutral and a
hybrid of both our names.

She's a van GEMen and my own surname is isMAIL.  So we were thinking of

Now I know that this might seem really nerdy, but we both really like
it.  The idea would be to avoid total nerdom by pronouncing it
'Gugh-mail.'  We're quite close to this and most of those whom we talk
to seem to find this quite funny, but I'm curious as to what others

I've seen some really interesting surnames; I once knew a successful guy
named 'Proudfoot.'  One of the founders of flicker had the surname
Invalid (or was it False?).  In either case, most surnames must have, at
some point in time, seemed rather bizarre.  I can imagine the first
Smiths, Goldsmith's, Tailors, etc, sounding quite odd.  We consider
ourselves children of this age, and bridging across race/culture, it
seems right to liberate our offspring from our legacy surnames and
whatever weights these would bring along.

I'm curious if Gemail as a surname seems exciting, current, fresh and
truly liberated, or just a silly geeky homage to Google?

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