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David Cantrell david at
Mon Oct 29 12:16:14 GMT 2007

On Mon, Oct 29, 2007 at 10:54:58AM +0000, Andy Armstrong wrote:

> On the recommendation of Greg and others I checked out ByteMark. I  
> love their attitude and they're prepared to give me their free  
> software developer's discount - but their standard bandwidth limit of  
> 100Gb / month ain't enough for me - and the amount of bandwidth I'm  
> currently using would make them prohibitively expensive. Burton's  
> allocation is 2000Gb / month and my busiest server is currently  
> averaging about 800Gb/m.
> ByteMark can't understand how Burton are so cheap - and having had a  
> quick look around I'm inclined to believe them. I pay about £140 /  
> month / server to Burton.

You seem to be saying that Burton are so cheap by not having any
customer service :-)

> Does anyone have recommendations?

I use bytemark for most of my stuff, and for the high-traffic
but really simple stuff that I don't mind occasionally going down.  Not
that it *has* gone down in the several months I've used 'em.  My
Wikipedia proxy <> and CPANdeps
<> run at keyweb.  IIRC I pay EUR12 a
month for unlimited traffic but a fairly pathetic amount of disk and
memory.  Also beware that it's not a proper virtual machine, it seems
to be a chrooted and ulimited environment, and customer service is mostly
in German.

They really don't seem to mind about the bandwidth - I know people who
run public tor nodes at keyweb, for example, which are moving many
terabytes of traffic a month.

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