Hosting again

Dirk Koopman djk at
Mon Oct 29 13:31:28 GMT 2007

Ash Berlin wrote:
> No traffic
> issues or other connectivity problems, and no hardware issues with my
> server as yet (i've had it about 9 months i think)

The problem with 1and1 is not bandwidth. When it is all working, 1and1 
seem to be perfectly fine. However, it is when things go wrong that the 
problems seem to start.

They do not have an exemplary record on support. I have had to cancel a 
contract when a machine stopped working after three days and I had the 
greatest difficulty getting support of any kind. What there was, seemed 
to operate along very long floppy bits of elastic and was generally 

The correct thing to do would have been: put me on another machine, 
probably because the original had some hardware fault. But this did not 
seem to be an option. They kept trying to resurrect the same box. You 
can speak to someone, but it seems to be an "operator" rather than a 
problem solver.

Two other people that I know and trust have had similar problems 
obtaining *successful* support outcomes when things go wrong.


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