Hosting again

Martin A. Brooks martin at
Mon Oct 29 20:33:18 GMT 2007

Alistair McGlinchy wrote:
>> I disagree.  A second power supply for one of our mail filtering nodes
>> costs about £100.  Another server costs about £2000.
>> We're spread across 4 different physical locations, none of which I want
>> to visit because a server has been downed for want of a working PSU.
> Eh?  You have three other working sites so the users don't see a problem.
> Your have to go to the site to fix the fan at some point, so I'm not sure
> what your "visit" point adds.

I'm sorry that's it's not obvious.  "Server with failed PSU" is more 
helpful than "your box is down, and it can't tell you why".

> One more point that needs to be added. How many times have you logged on to
> a server to get a wall message or pop-up saying "Foo is busted" and discover
> it has been so for the last 4 weeks. 



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