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In reality its very easy to respond to another name. In 1975, I had a Summer 
job in Perth,Western Australia. I took a bus tour to the South-West. On the 
first day someone mis-heard my name  as John, so for the next two weeks I was 
John!!  Much like remembering to use the correct email profile tonight, which 
Pine does well, as I'm too lazy to really learn mutt.


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>> alas i think history will judge it as an homage to Google
>> rather than the synthesis of culture heritage for which you hope.
> Thanks for the feedback.  I do kind of see something special in the the
> Google association grounding our name to a certain era in history;
> probably not the best thing to do to our children though.
>> also watch out for 'word creep'.
>> case in point: Jawad often becomes Juan, or Gerard.
> Hmm.. Understood.  I'm known to many in my village as 'Ralph.'
> ...
>> Imagine a lifetime of explaining how to pronounce your name,
>> and then having kids make fun of your children for the same
>> reason. It's bad enough if you have a heritage to support,
>> but if your Mum and Dad just made it up?
> Explaining our names is something which we've both given up on.  We were
> hoping for something novel and clear, but I suppose that is hard to
> achieve with a new name.  Especially one which looks so similar to
> Gmail.
>> Why not pick a Japanese name, or one from a movie you both love?
> Skywalker would be cool, although I'm not sure that she'll buy it.  Or
> Wall (however, on seeing my face, this might be interpreted as wa-al.)
> Thanks for the feedback.
> R.
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