Hosting again

Peter Corlett abuse at
Mon Oct 29 21:07:38 GMT 2007

On 29 Oct 2007, at 19:33, Lyle - wrote:
> Haven't had a holiday in 6 years. Most I've had is weekends away  
> where I make sure I have net access and have instructed someone on  
> what to do if there are problems.

Oh, the naivety of youth. One day, you will enter the "grizzled old  
cynic" stage that I'm at, and you'll wish you got here earlier.

I have taken not a few "foreign holidays" where I've told my  
employers that they will not be able to contact me at all, which I've  
actually spent at home, or indeed on one fine occasion, the rather  
excellent boozer not all that far from the office. I might as well  
have been on Mars after a few hours in there :)

If there is a *real* emergency, I do of course magically become  
contactable. But I really don't care if the printer has run out of  
toner or somebody's forgotten their password.

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