Hosting again

Peter Corlett abuse at
Mon Oct 29 21:21:49 GMT 2007

On 29 Oct 2007, at 19:40, Lyle - wrote:
> I've always used raid 10 or raid 1. In your experience should I be  
> using raid 5?

That depends on the exact requirements. RAID1 has better write  
performance than RAID5, but RAID5 is cheaper per gig if you need  
loads of storage.

I tend to spec out RAID1 as a no-brainer for anything under about  
500GB, because that's actually cheaper than RAID5 for such a small  
amount of space. Beyond that, it's more of an art than a science  
deciding what to go for. Usually somebody else has already made the  
decision for you though.

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