Hosting again

Lyle - perl at
Tue Oct 30 23:33:58 GMT 2007

paddy at wrote:
> no worries, I appreciate the reply, thanks.
> I wish you well with your project.  You are certainly getting some very
> good advice on the list here.
> Regards,
> Paddy
Thanks Paddy, the advise I've got here has been more than valuable. I'd 
wish I'd been a bit more active on this list the last 3 years I've been 

I've actually been down to FastHosts in gloucester and had a meeting 
with them when they were looking at my software (although to be honest 
it seemed they just wanted a copy of the source to rip it off). They'd 
spent millions on a fancy new office and crap, WHY WEREN'T THEY SPENDING 
THIS ON TECH STAFF AND STAFF TRAINING!!! To many salesmen, to little 
techs (and techs that are totally bullshitting them).


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