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Smylers Smylers at
Wed Oct 31 07:03:53 GMT 2007

Lyle - writes:

> Joel Bernstein wrote:
> > You definitely have received a fine set of advice here. ... You seem
> > generally to have expressed a lot of resistance to some of the
> > advice you've received

Particularly about taking a holiday, paying for professionals to do
things they're good at, and sharing your burden with others.

> Hi All, I feel I have to give a little background info on myself as
> suggestions like this keep cropping up. Here goes... <Snip>
> I'm sorry all, after getting this the N'th time I really felt I needed
> to get it off my chest. Hopefully enough people read this to
> understand where I'm coming from.

You've previously mentioned concerns about things like having to develop
a massive system and get it "perfect" (but you don't want to spend any
time rewriting parts of it as you learn more), or needing to rely on
your own hosting not going down (but you don't want to shell out for
load balancing).

Those two are situations which many folks on this list have experience
of, and have found ways of dealing with.  What makes the situations
worse for you are your, apparently self-imposed, constraints.  It's as
though you know the right answer but -- even though your livelihood
depends on it -- you aren't prepared to pay for it, or you think you're
different and can do better.

If you give the appearance of habitually ignoring what many on the list
consider to be good advice, then it's likely that people will lose
sympathy for your situation and decide they can't be bothered trying to
answer your questions.

Go on, take a holiday!


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