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Lyle - perl at
Thu Nov 1 01:23:01 GMT 2007

Matt S Trout wrote:
> I can't even be bothered to break out the LART at this point.
> If he wants to cater only to the stupidest of clients and be entirely clue
> resistent, that's his choice.
> He's never going to be competition and he's ceased to be entertainment.
> If signs of intelligence don't show soon I think I'll make final effort at
> introduction to a new concept: The meaning of "PLONK".
That's just plain mean, showing a distinct lack of understanding of what 
I do and where I'm coming from. Feel free to PLONK me and save me such 
responses. Honestly, threatening me with an imaginary LART? With the 
kick boxing titles I've won in the *real* world virtual threats seem 
somewhat pathetic...

Now stop it Lyle, you're letting yourself digress... flaming will never 
be cool... leave him to it


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