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Lyle - CosmicPerl.com perl at cosmicperl.com
Mon Nov 5 20:02:15 GMT 2007

Paul Makepeace wrote:
> I'm not sure how that bears on the discussion of sysadmin here. Hinted
> by others, it suggests the software support might take a hit while you
> get up to speed being a hosting provider.
So is the way of things.
> I dunno, you seem pretty set on this so have a go and see how you get
> on. It never hurts to learn at least a bit about other areas in your
> field.
Thank you.
> Not to mention rushing to the datacenter at 3am and spending five
> hours fumbling with boot disks and broken NICs in a noisy datacenter
> with its aircon blasting down your neck and freezing your hands to the
> point you can barely hold a screwdriver while your phone's going off
> every 20mins from distressed clients that you can't even hear properly
> and trying to remember if its sda3's or sda5's partition table you're
> about to rewrite builds character.
How about ditching all your friends Sat night at 11pm to rush to the 
datacentre, pay an extortionate emergency call out charge and swap out a 
HD? Happened a couple of weeks ago. I know it could have been an awful 
lot worse.

> I think it'd be a mistake to use the shabby service of others as a
> benchmark, if only so as to not get complacent. Complacency has
> absolutely no place in being a sysadmin: the downside is too big.

I know, but it makes me feel better :)


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