OT: It's arrived!

Greg McCarroll greg at mccarroll.org.uk
Tue Nov 6 21:01:55 GMT 2007

On Tue, Nov 06, 2007 at 07:21:57PM +0000, Lyle - CosmicPerl.com wrote:
> All this has certainly helped me put together a rules list for 
> Bristol.pm and Bath.pm.


> the dark side are they. Is this really what has become of 'a selected 
> few' of the world renowned LPM?

I really don't think you should write a charter for B&B that references
us, be your own group and don't do it with a negative slant. Sure we 
in London could look across the pond to NY and in our charter mention the fact
that London is more likely to win a world series before any of their
pathetic teams win again. Oh and if any Mets fans are reading this, here
is a fun perl golf question, see how quickly you can reverse the string
'ekohc'. (The people at Akamai where right, go SOX!) ;-) 

> I can tell you that Bristol and Bath.pm will be a friendly place where 
> new comers are welcomed, and their questions answered maybe with a 
> little jest and humor, but not with insults.

Now earlier today, you asked for an explanation of what you had done wrong
and I wrote a long reply, but postponed it. The reason being that I didn't
see what value it could bring. 

However, after the above I'd like to highlight one of the reasons that I 
had previously listed, and I believe has caused you hostility on this mailing 
list now. Hubris. You have been group leader for B&B for less time than 
the time that a piece  of Jill Yuen spare ribs meat has been lodged between 
my back teeth (sure they send you napkins, but tooth picks ever, nah)- yet 
youd suddenly declare that you can run a group that will be a more friendly
place that London.pm - I'd suggest the wise man would at least see if they
can get a few people to turn up regularly first.

> respect for keeping the moral high ground and she'll feel bad for it).

I'm just leaving that quote dangling for fun.

Actually I'll make an aside. 

I've thought a lot about employment law for a long time now and it occurs
to me, that there is a hell of a lot of offensive strategies you can apply
to hurt a company, but in truth you can only do a few things that truly
benefit yourself. Winning isn't important, it's the reward that matters.

> wrong way. I can admit that I'm wrong some times. I did a post where I 
> said someone's threat to me was pathetic, that was wrong. He could well 
> have taken me saying pathetic personally.

It's ok, we are all cocks one time or another.

> "
> I have a *Dream*!
>  Where a Perl hack isn't judged by the colour of his *skills*!
>     But by his eagerness and ability to *learn*!
> "

I have a dream, I dream that you will read this email take a day to think,
maybe email me privately for advice. After that you'll send a brief apology
to the list, even if you feel its just you taking the 'moral high ground' and
start to contribute to the list and take account of your signal/noise ratio
on it.

> I apply this to my business and my kick boxing club. If I interview 
> someone who is arrogant and thinks they know it all, then I show them 
> the door.

To be perfectly honest, the same could be said about you, but people haven't
shown you the door.

> I'm here to stay :)

Is that hubris or are you willing to do what it takes with patience and
learning to be a better London.pm-er?

I really hope this email helps,


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