BAB & LUG asmith9983 at
Wed Nov 7 17:15:36 GMT 2007

You must remember to bundle in the garden hosepipe used  by the server cooling 
system!  Its easily recognised by usually being green.
Would a bottle of Glenmorangie,Glenfiddoch or Highland Spring  best lubricate 
speakers at LPW ?  Since I'm travelling by train, there will be no security 
problems with one or two in my suitcase.


On Wed, 7 Nov 2007, Greg McCarroll wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 07, 2007 at 12:36:48PM +0000, john_oshea at wrote:
>> But they have to be the same brand and colour for extra Holmesian fun,
>> right?
> Personally, I'd go for duct tape along the bundle a few times instead of
> cable ties, that way i could make cables from different colours/brands and hide
> the join under the tape. Also it is standard to run mains along cat 5, right?
> ;-)
> G.

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