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Edmund von der Burg evdb at
Wed Nov 7 18:23:04 GMT 2007

Thinking about the recent discussions on this ML about big sites and
so on these links came to mind. I present them for your delectation:

A discussion by Chris Lightfoot on the guts of the downing street
petition site (the one that had the million signatures for the road
changing petition early this year). This is also good because the code
that runs the site is available to look at:     # the code

Mock's talk at YAPC::Vienna on how to gather and store large amounts
of data (agrees with Chris Lightfoot's findings that a single process
for db inserts is often best).      # the slides

A collection of posts and links to posts regarding high availability
sites (which seems to mean high throughput as well). Good for
provoking thoughts if nothing else:

Does anyone else know of useful stuff out there?


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