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Thu Nov 8 12:08:46 GMT 2007

Andy Wardley wrote:
> Wouldn't it be nice to have the web equivalent of a global killfile?  You
> could go to any web site forum, blog, etc., and rest assured that you would
> never see messages/comments from any *plonked* lusers.
> On a similar vein, I'd also like a global web site/domain killfile.  So I
> would never have to see another link to on Reddit, or links to
> in Google results, for example.

Aye, that would indeed be nice!

As an aside, I search Google with a quick search bookmarklet in Firefox,
so I set that up to filter out a couple of annoying sites (including (or, as I generally read it,

I have the keyword set to "google" so I can just type "google whatever"
in the address bar, and set the address for the bookmark to:

(repeating the -site:... for each other site you want blocked)

Therefore, gets added to each search I do,
leaving out results from there.

Might be of use to someone.

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