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Jonathan Rockway jon at
Thu Nov 8 16:14:30 GMT 2007

Richard Clamp wrote:
> Instead of saying nothing, you said nothing. has a pretty relevant point here.  It suggests a warning
message like the one below when you reply to a mailing list:

>       +------------------------------------------------------------+
>       | Your email is about to be sent to several hundred thousand |
>       | people, who will have to spend at least 10 seconds reading |
>       | it before they can decide if it is interesting.  At least  |
>       | two man-weeks will be spent reading your email.  Many of   |
>       | the recipients will have to pay to download your email.    |
>       |								   |
>       | Are you absolutely sure that your email is of sufficient   |
>       | importance to bother all these people ?                    |
>       |								   |
>       |                  [YES]  [REVISE]  [CANCEL]                 |
>       +------------------------------------------------------------+

The numbers are a bit off, but the point holds.  An email that takes 30
seconds for one person to read takes the collective 300
minutes.  That's *5 hours* wasted every time you send a message to the
list.  If you have something interesting to say, that's time well
spent.  If you are saying "haha lol good show mate" then you are
crippling the productivity of members and *hurting the Perl

Won't somebody please think of the children?

Jonathan Rockway

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