Big site architecture related things

Lyle - perl at
Sat Nov 10 16:52:04 GMT 2007

Edmund von der Burg wrote:
> Thinking about the recent discussions on this ML about big sites and
> so on these links came to mind. I present them for your delectation:
> A discussion by Chris Lightfoot on the guts of the downing street
> petition site (the one that had the million signatures for the road
> changing petition early this year). This is also good because the code
> that runs the site is available to look at:
>     # the code

I've been looking through this, especially at the daemons. My main 
question at this stage, is why petemaild 
doesn't use Net::SMTP? I'm assuming there is a good reason for it. Also 
is it safe to assume you could have a similar setup on Win32 servers 
using Win32::Daemon?
The solution to my high traffic volume that I've been working toward 
doesn't use daemon's, although this is certainly making me re-consider.


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