Big site architecture related things

Lyle - perl at
Sat Nov 10 20:16:17 GMT 2007

Jonathan Stowe wrote:
> >From a cursory inspection it would appear the email sending is
> relatively tightly coupled to the queuing and that it uses a select
> based mechanism to allow multiple sends to be in progress at once in the
> single process.

I see, I suspected that this was the case.

> The three argument select never used to work on windows as it relies on
> support from the OS that windows doesn't have. It may have been fixed
> since I last looked.

I wasn't familiar with select, but this page:-
Was very helpful and got me up to speed.

I've also come across a good slide show about Scalable Web Architectures:-

It wasn't until the end of the show that I realised I've bought the guys 
book (not read it yet), lol.


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