Multi platform, high volume data recording

Gareth Kirwan gbjk at
Sun Nov 11 16:16:28 GMT 2007

> > Flash is an interesting choice of presentation medium. I particularly 
> > loath that I can't link directly to any of your slides. A great 
> > example of why Flash sucks from a usability point of view.
> It was rather a pain, what would you use instead?

I thought exactly the same thing as Simon.
HTML would be where I went. I wouldn't even think twice about it, tbh.

> LoL, maybe I should say FO to those people that thought I wasn't taking things on board?

I'd start off with "Thank you", personally, but I'm just crazy.

I think you should consider reserving "LoL" for when you actually *do* ?
It makes you seem a bit like a Austin Powers nemesis to be constantly
laughing manically at things I wouldn't break a smile over.

> My role is going to be Programmer/SysAdmin/Business man in that order. 
> The guy I'm bringing on board is going to be SysAdmin/Business 
> man/Programmer in that order. There will also be a graphic/web designer. 

Don't you mean "graphic/webdesigner/sysadmin/business/programmer in that

Like it says in the bible:
"Give a man a job and he'll feed his kids and wife. Give a man three
jobs, one of which is sysadmining, and he'll fail to achieve anything
substantial and retire early to play in a struggling band rather than
face another day of relentless task switching and unreliability due to

(Slight changes made to the quotation. I believe originally it might
have mentioned fishing. And wasn't in the bible, just often mis-quoted
as having been.)

> So the initial team will be 3. Obviously if the client wants us to setup 
> and manage the servers the cost will be adjusted to reflect that. I'll 
> be writing most of the software myself, and possibly bring in affordable 
> free lancers to meet the deadline.

Be careful about bringing in free lancers to meet deadlines.
Often adding resources by the time you realise you're going to miss a
deadline doesn't have the affect you hope for.

Spotting that you're running behind schedule as early as possible is
crucial, obviously.

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