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Aidan Samuel aidan.samuel at
Mon Nov 12 14:53:31 GMT 2007

On Nov 12, 2007 2:41 PM, Edmund von der Burg <evdb at> wrote:
> I like boppy non-lyrical stuff (Cal Tjader), joel likes weird techno
> (Coil), hanekomu likes minimalist electronica from japan (Rei
> Harakami, Ryoji Ikeda, Aoki Takamasa).
> What works for you lot?

Ooh! A question I can answer!

I like dj sets of downbeat-electronica verging on drum and bass. e.g.
Shiloh, Jason Dunne and Micah. (The sets can all be downloaded for
free from places like the mixing bowl and hybridized)


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