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Spiros Denaxas spiros at
Mon Nov 12 17:21:18 GMT 2007

On 11/12/07, philip skinner <philip at> wrote:
> Edmund von der Burg wrote:
> > I like boppy non-lyrical stuff (Cal Tjader), joel likes weird techno
> > (Coil), hanekomu likes minimalist electronica from japan (Rei
> > Harakami, Ryoji Ikeda, Aoki Takamasa).
> >
> > What works for you lot?
> >

A bit of everything I guess. Some progressive / tech house (sasha, digweed,
way out west, buttrich, fabric cd's), some hip hop (tribe called quest, dj
shadow, nas, akala, thievery corporation). I try to avoid more aggressive
things, kinda like Rammestein or Rage Against the Machine since they amplify
my level of rage with something tenfold.

And lately, some random Greek music radio station- kinda weird since I never
liked Greek music in the first place.


ps. Edmund - no Bon Jovi :)

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