music to code to

Jeff Anderson captvanhalen at
Mon Nov 12 21:02:40 GMT 2007

Being a drummer, i tend to pick music that doesn't make we want to air
drum instead of program. :)

I stick with intstrumental stuff -- Chick Corea, Spyro Gyro, Pat
Methany and Al Dimeola  have a number of jazzy tunes that don't
distract. The Orb, Orbital, Philip Glass, Brian Eno, Vangelis and
Tangerine Dream offer great "space aged" (now that's an old fangled
term) background tunes as well.

Meshuggah in the work place is right out.  I just don't agree with
that ... in the work place. Great at home though, like the weekly
smashing of the home furnishings, etc.

On Nov 12, 2007 2:49 PM, Stig Brautaset <stig at> wrote:
> On 12 Nov 2007, at 14:41, Edmund von der Burg wrote:
> > I like boppy non-lyrical stuff (Cal Tjader), joel likes weird techno
> > (Coil), hanekomu likes minimalist electronica from japan (Rei
> > Harakami, Ryoji Ikeda, Aoki Takamasa).
> >
> > What works for you lot?
> I'm not smart enough to do two things at once, so I prefer silence
> when I'm coding.
> If I have to drown out office noise I tend to listen to Paradise Lost,
> Iron Maiden, APC, Tool, AC/DC,  Black Sabbath or Metallica. Basically,
> anything that keeps me calm and collected...
> Stig
> --


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