NLP followup

Chris Jack (msn) chris_jack at
Mon Nov 12 23:10:12 GMT 2007

Andrew Beattie wrote:
> Chris Jack wrote:
>> This is a continuation of a discussion from some time ago regarding NLP.
> I am not familiar with NLP.  Does it stand for: "Newline, Linefeed, 
> Paragraph" ?

NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming. If you weren't a group member
at the time of the original discussion, you might not understand my
motivation for posting.

There is some problem emailing to this list from hotmail/msn - I think it's
something to do with hotmail not showing you paragraph breaks and the group
software having a bad policy about how to translate that into text.

I put double CR/LFs as paragraph breaks into my original post and it looked
fine before I sent. I will have another look at hotmail and see if there is
a permanent solution.


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