NLP followup

Lyle - perl at
Tue Nov 13 01:14:30 GMT 2007

Chris Jack wrote:
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> loads of interesting NLP stuff
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Hi Chris,
  Very interesting for me. The only NLP I know about probably came from 
Ross Jeffries that I used for pickup when I decided to be a player. 
Believe me having sex with a different [attractive..beautiful] girl each 
week isn't all it's cracked up to be (especially if you're like me and 
have a loathing for johnnies, you know it's bad when the clinic people 
know you on a first name basis, LOL- ending with a strange sigh). But 
the NLP stuff was really interesting, and I was aware it could be used 
for a lot more than subconsciously arousing girls.
  Do these guys have a book you could recommend? I know you said that 
people wouldn't get everything from a book, but I don't have the time or 
money to do a course.


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