NLP followup

Nigel Rantor wiggly at
Tue Nov 13 04:03:19 GMT 2007

Lyle - wrote:
> Chris Jack wrote:
>> <snip>
>> loads of interesting NLP stuff
>> </snip>
> Hi Chris,
>  Very interesting for me.

..oO0( hmm, okay, starting off not too bad )

> The only NLP I know about probably came from 
> Ross Jeffries that I used for pickup when I decided to be a player. 

..oO0( oh dear, he suddenly strayed into areas that make me want to 
gouge my eyes out in under 20 words. a "player"...fuck me, who talks 
like that...over e-mail of all media...oh, hang on, I know, Viagra spam, 
that's who )

> Believe me having sex with a different [attractive..beautiful] girl each 
> week isn't all it's cracked up to be 

..oO0( maybe you'll find out what that's like one day, then you can 
comment )

> (especially if you're like me and 
> have a loathing for johnnies,

..oO0( who the fuck calls them johnnies? how old is this spacktard meant 
to be? and who the fuck is he kidding, he can't possibly be having sex, 
we've heard what kinds of drivel he comes out with )

 > you know it's bad when the clinic people
 > know you on a first name basis, LOL- ending with a strange sigh).

..oO0( oh good grief, he actually thinks he's witty. )

> But 
> the NLP stuff was really interesting, and I was aware it could be used 
> for a lot more than subconsciously arousing girls.

..oO0( yeah, scamming money out of gullible nerdlets who think they need 
NLP to pick up chicks )

>  Do these guys have a book you could recommend? I know you said that 
> people wouldn't get everything from a book, but I don't have the time or 
> money to do a course.

..oO0( hmm, now, should I recommend that he spends the money on 
something useful, like, a lobotomy, or should I just not send this email 
like muppet so very wisely suggested )

hmm...okay, well, I've had enough.

Lyle, I've had just about enough of your inane chatter. I realise that 
Perl is generally Off-Topic on the list, but for you I'm going 
to make an *very special* exception.

I suggest that until you have a significant number of regular posters on 
here (at least 4 Daves and 1 Simon) telling you IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS 
that they TRULY BELIEVE you understand the humour that gets bandied 

You are of course free to ignore this suggestion. In that case I may 
well vote with my feet and unsub for a few months. Just until you have 
angered enough people that you've been hounded out, not by a 
well-reasoned argument but by a DDOS attack, on any and all computers 
you own that are connected to the internet.

Let me, if I haven't already, be plain. Lots of people have already told 
you in great detail that you are annoying them. They are not joking, 
lying or mistaking you for someone else.

Please do not feel that you have to reply to this. In fact, I'd rather 
you didn't.

Yours sincerely,


p.s. Just be grateful I didn't tell you to FUCK OFF COMPLETELY

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