NLP followup

Nigel Rantor wiggly at
Tue Nov 13 12:08:39 GMT 2007

Andrew Beattie wrote:
> Lyle - wrote:
>> especially if you're like me and have a loathing for johnnies
> Hmmm... There is a risk he might breed.
> Can we unsubscribe him, please?

As much as that sounds like a good idea I'd rather not be on a list 
where people get unsubbed like that.

As many people have said quite rightly, I could just ignore it and allow 
him to continue to hang himself on a publicly archived mailing list.

After writing that email this morning (completely sober), and leaving it 
in my drafts box I still decided to send it, in the hope that one more, 
forcefully put, data point might make him stop and consider for a second.

I vote we give him time, and failing that, enough rope to hang himself.


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