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Peter Hickman peter.hickman at
Tue Nov 13 16:43:12 GMT 2007

Philip Newton wrote:
> Perhaps I'm being too charitable, but so far, I've put it down to
> fairly severe difficulties with calculating the effects of social
> interactions, internalising societal protocol, and determining what is
> appropriate in which setting such as might be displayed by someone
> with autistic/Aspie/something-like-that tendencies (especially,
> perhaps, when drunk?).

We can all make up some plausible sounding excuse for Lyle's behaviour 
but until firm evidence is presented I will assume that he is a normal 
person and therefore that he has chosen to behave as he does. A one off 
post I can excuse anyone (we all have bad days) but the bannered LOL was 
after a significant time interval and clear indication that it was an 
irritating juvenile behaviour that pissed lots of people off. Also the 
wearisome sexual humour was clearly commented upon and yet he continued.

There is no need to be an apologist for Lyle, he is an adult and make 
stand up for himself.

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