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Tue Nov 13 23:40:36 GMT 2007

On Nov 12, 2007, at 9:41 AM, Edmund von der Burg wrote:

> I like boppy non-lyrical stuff (Cal Tjader), joel likes weird techno
> (Coil), hanekomu likes minimalist electronica from japan (Rei
> Harakami, Ryoji Ikeda, Aoki Takamasa).
> What works for you lot?

Interestingly, Cal Tjader is in my Deep Hack Mode playlist.  That's  
along with Paul Oakenfold and Thelonius Monk and Miles Davis.   
Basically, i go for stuff interesting enough that i don't feel the  
need to turn it off because it sucks, but not so energetic that my  
mind wants to pay more attention to the music than the problem at  
hand.  Instrumentals work the best for me.  This is highly variable,  
though; I find that if the problem is not one i'm very happy to be  
solving, any sound at all is distracting, and leads to frustration and  
crap code output.

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