The argument for Unsubscription.

Edmund von der Burg evdb at
Wed Nov 14 09:17:47 GMT 2007

On 14/11/2007, Andrew Beattie <andrew at> wrote:
> <snip>
> But really disturbing thing was the number of  folk that it took to
> destroy the group:
> TWO.  Their names were Frank Kenisky and Roger Maddy.
> You have the power to unsubscribe people.  We didn't.  Use it wisely.

There is also a third way - that was discussed on IRC - but it was too
late as it was implemented after the unsub. The idea was that all
posts from the offender (lyle in this instance) would need to be
moderated. If the posts were good they'd go through to the list, if
bad rejected with an explanation.

This seems to me an excellent step to take before unsubbing.

The interesting thing is that someone volunteered to invest the time
to do this mentoring, which shows that the community tries
to be welcoming.

Just my two cents.


PS: I am a very happy user of the infrastructure and am
happy for those who invest their time and money to keep it running to
run it in any way they see fit :)

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