Any IIS 6 Perl CGI gurus out their with their sanity intact

Bob Browning bob at
Wed Nov 14 10:54:16 GMT 2007

Actually sanity is not a prerequisite, but we are trying to set up our CMS on IIS 6 Windows 2003 Web edition, CGI / Active Perl.

We spent the whole of yesterday trying to figure out where the error messages for Perl go.  We have a program that runs from the command line, gives out the mime headers and html as expected.  But as a cgi program is crashes.  It seems to fail on the first require();  

The problem is not that we probably couldn't sort it out, the problem is that we can't find any sort of error log coming from Perl.   We searched the web for most of yesterday morning and could only find

a) people asking the same question
b) people replying with answers like put >2xxx.log on the command line, or RTFM i.e. fundamentally not understanding the situation.  

If there are any Perl IIS6 gurus out there who could (a) give us a pointer or (b) offer a few hours of consultancy in Chiswick to get us set up it would be most appreciated.


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