Any IIS 6 Perl CGI gurus out their with their sanity intact

David Precious davidp at
Wed Nov 14 14:33:07 GMT 2007

Dave Cross wrote:
> Quoting Bob Browning <bob at>:
>> I put print "content-type:text/html\n\nhello"; in the top of the file and
>> it came out.
> Why do people do that? You're lying to the browser about the content 
> type. You say you're going to send HTML but you actually sent plain 
> text. It's not just you, obviously, I see it all over the place. 
> Especially in some of the more dubious Perl/CGI books.
> You can use text/plain as a content type you know.

Sometimes text/plain will cause the browser to ask if you want to save 
to a file or open it in your chosen text editor, whereas text/html means 
it'll always be just displayed by the browser, which is perhaps more 
convenient for a quick debugging message?

Of course it's not *right*, but for a quick test like this it might be a 
little more convenient.


Dave P

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