Any IIS 6 Perl CGI gurus out their with their sanity intact

Bob Browning bob at
Thu Nov 15 10:21:32 GMT 2007

Or maybe it will work ok with PerlIs

Which it does.

Many thanks


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Bob Browning writes:

> we are trying to set up our CMS on IIS 6 Windows 2003 Web edition, CGI
> / Active Perl.
> We spent the whole of yesterday trying to figure out where the error
> messages for Perl go.

We've encountered that problem as well.  Switching from CGI to PerlIS
makes logs appear.  There may be other reasons why you don't want to do
that permanently, but switching temporarily to PerlIS to do the
debugging then switching back to CGI afterwards is a technique I've used
before -- by blindly following these steps:

* Go to 'My Computer'.
* Right-click and choose 'Manage'.
* Choose 'Services and Applications'.
* Then 'Internet Information Services'.
* Then 'Web Sites'.
* Then 'Control Panel'.
* Right-click 'Properties'.
* Choose 'Home Directory'.
* Then 'Configuration'.
* Then 'Mappings'.
* Then 'Application Extensions'.
* In the list find the entry for .pl.  Note what it currently is, then
  set it to have this value:

* Errors are then logged in C:\Perl\bin\PerlIS.log (because a bin
  directory is so obviously the right place to put log files!).

You can reverse the steps by putting the value back to what it was to
start with.  Which round here is normally:

    C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe "%s" %s

(Note I'm a Unixy person.  I'm definitely not an IIS guru.  I don't
understand the above -- I merely know that it has worked for me in the
past -- and it may be that it's very poor advice and will cause you lots
of problems.)


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