Dim Sum, Thursday, Jade Garden

Nicholas Clark nick at ccl4.org
Mon Nov 19 17:07:05 GMT 2007

As we haven't been out for Dim Sum in, oh, ages, we thought that we should
go and try out another restaurant. So the plan is:

    Jade Garden (15 Wardor St)

( Enjoy the retro frames feel of http://www.londonjadegarden.co.uk/ )

We're not sure how busy it will be, so we're thinking that we'll need to book.
Hence if you're interested in coming, could you mail me off list so that I
can practice counting.*

I think so far we have

Greg	(vun.	ha. ha. ha.)
Nick	(tvoo.	ha. ha. ha.)
Bob	(three.	ha. ha. ha.)

and Adam appears to be in some quantum state that will hopefully resolve
itself within the next couple of days. Maybe it would help if we all stare
hard in his direction.

Nicholas Clark

* This doesn't preclude turning up on the day, but if we have a close idea to
  start it will help.

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