WinZip to the rescue

Bruce Richardson itsbruce at
Fri Nov 23 14:05:41 GMT 2007

On Fri, Nov 23, 2007 at 01:13:29PM +0000, Jonathan Peterson wrote:
> Thoughts?*
> * Please don't mention PGP. Nobody's mentioned it to me for years, and the 
> feeling is wonderful.
> * Please don't mention man in the middle attacks, because I don't care 
> about them**.
> * Please don't talk about digital signatures, and trust networks, because 
> I don't care about them either***.

You've ruled out all the practical alternatives*, then, even if you have
good reasons for that.  There aren't really any alternatives that are
any less noddy than winzip and most of them are less accessible.  There
are winzip-compatible *nix ports, so it at least forestalls that class
complaints from the tech-literate minority that might otherwise have a

* Practical alternatives that offer better security, that is.


A problem shared brings the consolation that someone else is now
feeling as miserable as you.

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