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Sun Nov 25 10:42:33 GMT 2007

On Friday 23 November 2007 15:48, Alison Young wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Nov 2007, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> > Secondly, I was assuming that a phone call (providing each party
> > recognises the other's voice) is more secure than a fax, if you care
> > about other individuals inside the receiving building (possibly
> > unauthorised) intercepting and copying the password, as typical fax
> > machines aren't securely located. Although "secure password" probably
> > contains things that are hard to spell out, which might make that a bad
> > plan.
> I actually had to do that recently, although in this case it was providing
> credentials to external contacts who I'd never met before so the voice
> recognition wasn't that useful.
> It was actually a little exciting, in an unbelievable nerdy way, to answer
> the phone, confirm who they were and then reel off a long string of random
> characters. Next time around I'll also be transferring the usernames in a
> brown envelope under the table of a Parisian cafe to a man wearing a blue
> fedora.
> The most important thing I learned from the entire exercise is to look up
> the phonetic alphabet beforehand. Unless you do this, you'll suddenly
> realise that the only word you can think of that begins with P is
> parakeet. That's if you can think of a word at all.
> Ali

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