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Greg McCarroll greg at
Mon Nov 26 09:26:34 GMT 2007

On Fri, Nov 23, 2007 at 03:48:52PM +0000, Alison Young wrote:
> The most important thing I learned from the entire exercise is to look up 
> the phonetic alphabet beforehand. Unless you do this, you'll suddenly 
> realise that the only word you can think of that begins with P is 
> parakeet. That's if you can think of a word at all.

My problem (well one of them) is that the first word I come up with is often
inappropriate, i think its a mental version of tourette syndrome. "Hi,
could I have a cab to Farringdon", "Can you spell that?", /me starts thinking
of a word beginning with F, an F-word if you will.

Of course it's not even that sweary a lot of the time, it can just be geeky.
"You know T as in transputer" or "L as in Lich, you know one step down from
Arch-Lich in nethack, handy to poly into if you have polymorph control".

And of course once you have a word in your head its difficult to change it
or evenmove it onto a different theme, of course you can cheat by 
saying what letter comes before or after it. "You know F, the letter
after E, yes that's E as in Elminster the greatest wizard ever to walk the

It's usually at this point they decide they no longer want to sell me insurance.


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