Laptop Recommendations

Nigel Rantor wiggly at
Wed Nov 28 13:34:39 GMT 2007

Hail fellows,

I think I'm in the market for a laptop. I've been looking at the Sony 
Vaios and I'm having a hard time not just going out and getting one. 
Looking at the SZ series (for teh size and 3G innit) but they only come 
with Vista, and it seems like not all of the hardware is supported under 
Linux. (yes, they do provide drivers for XP, but I really would rather 
not pay MS for Vista, it sends the wrong message, although I may still 
et one depending on feedback from this)

Had a look at the Lenovo ThinkPad T6[01] and the newer models also seem 
to have some teething problems. Also, they look like a Kwik-Save cashier 
in comparison with the Vaio....

Basically, I'm looking for a really fast (well, fast as possible given 
size), light machine with 3G that can be plonked on a desk at work and 
hooked up to a monitor and used for development but can also be taken to 
the far out reaches of my g/fs flat that has no wifi, broadband or 
indeed telelphone line and still get online...

Put it this way, I think if the SZ series came with XP (I need to run a 
couple of windows apps) and was fully compatible with Debian or Ubuntu 
I'd probably already have bought one.

Any other recommendations that might fit the bill?


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